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Industry Leading Detoxification

This is not your average detox. Our formal and comprehensive detoxification systems are expertly designed using highly bioavailable products that work with your natural detoxification system. Backed by science, we offer real solutions for real results. Discover which protocol is right for you.


chart for nanoemulsion uptake study

In one word: Bioavailability. We’ve mastered the science of the nanoparticle using proprietary technology to develop and manufacture a variety of chemistry-specific nutraceutical carriers including liposomes, nanoemulsions, nanoformulations, and self-emulsifying delivery systems (SEDS). Our Quicksilver Delivery Systems® rapidly carry nutrients to the body, bypassing digestive constraints for optimum absorption.*

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Product: The One
Name: Nikki Carson
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“I love this product. I have so much energy from taking this. Thank you.”
Product: Liposomal Glutathione
Name: Dr. Sue Massie ND
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“I not only give this to my patients, I take this as well. It is the easiest, best way to take glutathione! Excellent for detox. Love this product. especially because it is liposomal.”
Product: Methyl-B Complex
Name: Kyle
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“Truly amazing how quickly and effective this product is. Nothing compares on the market today!”
Product: Liposomal Vitamin C
Name: Thuy Pham
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“Best Liposomal delivery system for Vit C on the market!”
Product: Hista-Aid
Name: Debbie Bomba
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“I always have a blocked and runny nose, usually because of an environmental trigger. Recently I had another episode with a blocked nose and tried Hista-Aid, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked within 10-15 minutes after taking it. This product is really God-sent. I will never live without this ever again.”
Product: Immune Charge+
Name: JB
Read More
"I love Quicksilver scientific. Awesome 👍Really revives the body! Quicksilver scientific products are nutrition you can feel."
Product: Ultra Binder
Name: Lindsay B. Fischer
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"I’m using this while taking medication for a virus. I can tell if I miss a day because I feel nauseous without it. It’s a good quality product- specifically recommended by my doctor."
Quicksilver Scientific Review
Name: Teresa Baker
Read More
"Excellent products and love the research and delivery system."
Quicksilver Scientific Review
Name: Lisa Sprotelli
Read More
"Incorporating a few push-catch delivery systems has made such a positive impact in my world. Beyond grateful for Quicksilver and the creative mind to bring this to life."
Quicksilver Scientific Review
Name: Traci Johnson
Read More
"Customer service is amazing!! Questions get answers quickly and the science behind the products is unmatched!"
Quicksilver Scientific Review
Name: Barb Mcgrane
Read More
"Cutting edge products and research!"
Quicksilver Scientific Review
Name: Arleen Fotiu
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"An excellent company with a vision of world health!"
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